Tuesday, March 11, 2014


A tsunami deprived people of their lives, homes, money, etc. But a tsunami cannot deprive a person of their inborn gifts, knowledge, or the ideas that they hold within their minds. Many people have had to relocate and take shelter in uncomfortable surroundings in the Fukushima region. Some people have been cut off from their subsidies by TEPCO ~ a senior citizen on a pension of only ¥40,000 a month cannot buy much food: not even a simple meal sometimes.

I made a cooking art group about 3 years ago in Japan. Now we have 12 members
Our purposes are:

1. To make something tasty by using chap foodstuffs and at the same time to make our families smile.

2. To have fun making food that is easy to prepare.

This year, I, who iz Super Sumie, made dolls for the Girl’s Festival on March 3 – of all things out of eggplants.
I hope someone who lives in Fukushima will see this note and these photos of my cooking, and that they will make that person smile, even if it is only just for a moment.

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