Tuesday, April 1, 2014


(From March, 10, 2014)

APRIL 1 IS CREEPING UP ON US but there’s still time to pre-order your official Japanese poverty spirit, Binbogami. And like the man says, if you call right away, you will get not one, not two, but three fully qualified, cute, furry Japanese poverty spirits ~ Bin, Bo, and of course, little Gami. Imagine the fun you’ll have. Tired of trying to keep up with your neighbors? Here’s your chance to do them one better! What could be better than three poverty spirits. So call now. Why, they’ll even bring their own possessions with them in an official “homeless sack,” including some old fish bones, a bag of dried bonito flakes, and some rocks and weeds for stone soup! Call early! Call often! Call now!

Copyright 2014 by Aoi Tokugawa, Hayato Tokugawa, and the Kitty Mafia Art Worx. All rights reserved.

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