Wednesday, December 24, 2014


Last week Mr. Nekojin made his way through the house with an important announcment - Tajimi Jones was offering to take them all to San Francisco on a holiday. His last stop was the room shared by all the adopted kids, Nomi, Bin, Bo, Gami, Kambei, and Noir, also known as the "Midnight Shadow," super hero extraordinare.

Well, they didn't go that weekend because of very heavy rain in the area. But the big day finally arrived in the wee, dark hours of Tuesday morning and they all boarded a train for their visit to "Sam Franzco" to see Sandy Claws...or something like that.

Once the train pulled out of the station, it didn't take long for the catkids to scatter to all parts of the train, while others relaxed in their chairs and engaged in other "activities."

Professor Jones (also known to us as "Papa Jones" and the father of Tajimi Jones) arranged for the kids to take a cable car ride downtown after they arrived in "Sam Franzco" - probably something neither the catkids nor the Municipal Railway will soon forget!

Right after their cable car ride, the catkids all made their way to a supre-extra large department store to see Sandy Claws, or Sanity Clause, or Panda Claus, or Santa or someone.

After little Noir (also known as the "Midnight Shadow, Super Hero Extraordinaire") finished giving Santa her list, and checking it twice, and after all the other kids had a chance to talk to...alright...Panda was time to head over to the Opera House where Catman and Super Sumie were appearing in the last season performance of Tchaikovsky's famed ballet, THE CATCRACKER!

After the ballet and a special backstage meeting with Catman and Super Sumie, the catkids headed to their final destination of the day - Union Square and ice skating! Even Hello Snake had the opportunity to get out on the ice, thanks to Papa Jones.

And then it was time to climb back onto another cable car and head back home. I'm certain the Nekojin catkids had a great time, one they won't soon forget...and neither will San Francisco.

Copyright 2014 by Hayato Tokugawa, Aoi Tokugawa, Catman Comix, and the Kitty Mafia Art Worx. All rights reserved.

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