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(A Retro Catman Adventure From October and November 2013)

NSA Denies French Spy Reports

AMERICA SPIES ON FRANCE..."No we didn't!" - Monsieur L'Inspecteur en chef Catman is watching the watchers!

US SPYING ON FRANCE AND GERMANY? Catman and Professor Nuts continue the investigation...which takes them to the very top of the French icon, the Eiffel Tower, where the now Catman-Clouseau finds a clue and more than he bargained for!

THE USUAL SUSPECTS: Hot on the US spying case, and a possible rogue NSA, the now Catman-Clouseau encounters two prime suspects in Paris.

WHILE PROFESSOR NUTS REMAINS IN PARIS, Catman shadows his prime suspect all the way to Berlin and with the benefit of his enhanced cat vision and cat hearing, catches the culprit red handed!

HAVING CAUGHT HIS PRIME SUSPECT RED-HANDED, Catman and Professor Nuts catch the 'red-eye' back to the US. Nuts continues on to the super-secret Catman lair on Alcatraz in San Francisco Bay, while Super Sumie joins our intrepid flea-bitten hero in Washington. Together they gain entry into the HQ of the National Security Agency (don't ask how - it's complicated and would take a lot more pictures) and begin to investigate.

HAVING TRACKED THEIR PRIME SPY SUSPECT BACK TO NSA HEADQUARTERS, the fearless felines, Catman and Super Sumie, split up to investigate. Deep within the NSA building, Super Sumie once again encounters the suspect.

AT THE SAME TIME THAT SUPER SUMIE is following their prime suspect through the rows and rows of computer banks used to spy on the world, Catman, on a different level of the NSA stronghold, makes more amazing discoveries!
What is it that Catman has discovered? Are more dastardly deeds afoot? Tune in next week. Same cat channel to find out.

In our last episode, Catman, peering out from a darkened doorway into a corridor of the NSA building, made a surprising discovery, enough to evoke his worst expletive, "Holy catcrap!" Our intrepid caped crusader closed the door to the darkened office and turned on the light, only to be surprised again!

IN AN OFFICE, deep inside the National Security (spy) Agency, Catman confronts a mysterious woman who looks like Natasha Fatale, but due to copyright restrictions is not Natasha Fatale but is instead Natalya Alexandra Simonova, and who was lying in wait for our intrepid hero. Watch out Catman!

IN AN OFFICE, inside the National Security (Spy) agency, our beloved Kaped Kitty Krusader continues his conversation with the nogoodnik and femme fatale, Natalya Alexandra Simonova..."Don't listen to her Catman! Don't do it! She's trouble! She's not your species! You'll live to regret it...if you live!"

FROM AN OFFICE DEEP WITHIN THE NSA, Catman calls Super Sumie on her official wrist radio.

WHEN LAST WE LEFT OUR KAPED KAT KRUSADERS, Catman had made an important discovery and radioed Super Sumie, via their official Catman wrist radios. He would have used his smart phone and maybe Facebook or Tweeeeeter, but the NSA tracks those signals. Anyway, he requested Super Sumie to go back into the matrix and to meet him in the basement. So that's where we find our tiny kitty in blue tights, plummeting downward through the very bowels of the NSA to rendezvous with the Catman.

SUPER SUMIE exits the NSA matrix tunnel and enters the super-secret basement where she at last meets up with Catman and an unexpected surprise.

CATMAN TELLS SUPER SUMIE what he discovered about the NSA leadership.

CATMAN AND SUPER SUMIE BEGIN TO SEARCH the basement level of the NSA building for the nerve center of the domestic and foreign electronic spying operation when they spot a strange, eerie glow from the end of a matrix corridor. Immediately our intrepid heroes leap into the air and jet towards it. But are they jetting to their doom. Standby!

CATMAN AND SUPER SUMIE FLY TO THE VISION at the end of the corridor and are amazed at what they find - the heart, the brain, the mind, the soul of the NATIONAL SECURITY AGENCY!

DEEP INSIDE THE MONOLITH CHAMBER Super Sumie makes a sudden, ominous discovery.

SUDDENLY CATMAN AND SUPER SUMIE have company! Things are looking desperate!

SUDDENLY THERE IS A TREMENDOUS EXPLOSION OF ELECTRICITY! What's happened. Are our furry flea-bitten heroes ok?

WHEN THE EMERGENCY LIGHTS come back on, a shaken and upset Super Sumie sees a scene of devastation...and the villainous National Security Agency spies have fled the scene. She calls out to her heroic companion...

ONCE AGAIN OUR MIGHTY FLEA-BITTEN FELINE HEROES ARE TRIUMPHANT. With all the red tape of the American bureaucracy, it will take weeks if not months to repair all the damage and for the NSA to start spying on us again.

(These episodes of Catman Comix were published in October and November of 2013 as a serial.)

This cartoon is intended as a political and cartoon parody. The figure of Simon Bar Sinister is from the cartoon series “Underdog,” Copyright Total Television. The figures of Natashia, Boris, and Fearless Leader are from “The Rocky and Bullwinkle Show,” Copyright Jay Ward Productions. The story line and all other characters are copyright ©  2013 and 2015 by the Kitty Mafia Art Worx™, Catman Comix™ and Hayato and Aoi Tokugawa, all rights reserved.

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