Tuesday, March 24, 2015


And now boys and girls, another story from CATMAN COMIX (tm) entitled "A FRIEND IN NEED" featuring MY NEIGHBORS THE NEKOJINS (tm) and introducing Nomi (tm).

It's a bright, warm, sunshiny, summer morning - school is out and it's time for fun - but something strange and possibly sinister lurks in the shadows.

All the Nekojin catkids are on their way to the park for "Free Lunch Day", including Vinnie, Frannie, Zoe, Emily, Annablelle, Hello Snake, Baby Nekojin, Theo, and Ashbury. But as they head along their way, someone is watching watching watching!

Yep! It's "Free Lunch Day" at the park. Free lunches for all the neighborhood kids that want one, and safe, fun playtime for everyone! But that strange "someone" or "something" is still lurking nearby, unnoticed by the catkids - they're having too much fun!

The "lurker" makes its move...

And then makes it's quick getaway!

In a far corner of the park...

But the theft of the lunch does not go unnoticed!

Oh oh! The jig (or lunch) is up for our little thief!

So, after lunch (actually several lunches) it was playtime for everyone!


So everyone, including the poor, unwanted, homeless kitty headed off to the Nekojin's house (not very far away) to see what Mr. Nekojin had to say...

Neither the little kitty nor Mrs. Nekojin were any two pleased about the immediate plan...

Annabelle wasn't to please either!

Later, after "Nomi" had had her bath, there was a family meeting in the kitchen...

So Mr. Nekojin went down the the backyard to have a talk with Nomi.

Things worked out pretty well...for everyone I think.

Mr. Nekojin has a heart of gold - always ready, willing, and even sometimes able to help someone in need. Mrs. Nekojin however, is a practical sort, which is why she is really in charge of things around the Nekojin home.

(Previously, Binbogami, the Japanese poverty spirit, had moved into the Nekojin's attic, followed by three apprentice poverty spirits as mandated to every family under Abenomics. Mr. Nekojin didn't think his wife knew about the living arrangements....but she did! Anyway, the next day, Nomi, Bin, Bo, and Gami moved into their new room that Mr. Nekojin had fixed up just for them.

And the "senior" poverty spirit, Binbogami was delighted as were the rest of the catkids!

Yes indeedie! Things worked out really well. The catkids had a new sister, the Hairy Pitter kids had a new cousin, and Nomi at last had a real home and family.

La Fin

A FRIEND IN NEED is Copyright 2014 and 2015 by Aoi Tokugawa, Hayato Tokugawa, Catman Comix and the Kitty Mafia Art Worx. All rights reserved. NOMI, A TOHOKU TALE is Copyright 2014 by Aoi Tokugawa, Hayato Tokugawa, Catman Comix, the Kitty Mafia Art Worx, and Shisei-Do Publications. All rights reserved.

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