Monday, May 14, 2018



It all started a few weeks ago when I discovered very large cat paw prints and claw marks in the fresh topsoil I had just set in the front garden of “The Hermitage,” located near the shores of “Walden”. Those claw marks led right up to a mound of fresh dirt which contained of all things a “cat present” but one far too large for the average house cat and which contained bits and pieces of various “stuff”. A similar set of paw prints and another “present” was found last week. It became obvious that we had a new “neighbor” at “Walden” but look as I might, I could find nothing, could see nothing about, except for some occasional scattered feathers. I didn’t think too much more about it until a couple of mornings ago on my morning walk when the mystery was perhaps solved…Meet “Bobbie Cat.”

(“Bobbie Cat” drawing by Aoi Tokugawa.” ©2018 by Aoi Tokugawa and the Kitty Mafia Art Worx.™ All rights reserved.)

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